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Cocktail Commentary: The Venetian Spritz

Updated: May 2, 2021

The Venetian Spritz

Someone in Rome told me that when I got to Venice I absolutely must try the spritz. It was a pretty simple directive, so I set out to achieve it within hours of arriving in Venice. (I am ambitious like that.)

The spritz is a classic aperitif that makes regular appearances on menus all about the city. While adding ice to wine is usually considered déclassé it is just one of the ingredients that make this a refreshing drink.

This effervescent cocktail is typically made with Aperol, an Italian aperitif that lends the spritz its bright orange color, and is then mixed with sparkling white wine and mineral water. The Aperol is a combination of bitter orange, rhubarb and gentian – and gives the spritz a robust and herbal flavor.

While in Venice I had my share of spritzes. (I wanted to soak up the local culture as much as possible.) And there is nothing quite as perfect as sitting along a canal sipping on one of these bubbly drinks.

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