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Cocktail Commentary: Moscow Mule at Laurel Court in the Fairmont

Updated: May 2, 2021

The classics never die, but it would appear that we are in a cocktail renaissance and the favorites from yesteryear have made a strong resurgence. It is no surprise then that I often find myself attracted to these timeless drinks when I go out.

So, when I visited one of my favorite hotel bars, Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar, inside the Fairmont San Francisco, I was excited to see the Moscow Mule on the drink menu. This cocktail first came onto the scene in the 1940s, and has been credited with boosting the popularity of vodka in the U.S.

The bartender at Laurel Court started the drink off with a heaping scoop of puréed ginger and then added vodka, lime juice and topped it off with club soda. While many recipes call for ginger beer instead of actual ginger, I really liked the pure flavor and the pulp-like texture that using actual ginger gave the drink.

The resulting concoction was this great balance of spicy from the ginger and tart from the lime juice. But beware this drink can be deceiving – while it may go down easy this drink packs some real punch.

What is your favorite classic cocktail?

Moscow Mule at the Fairmont in San Francisco

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