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3 Beaches for Sunnin’ and Funnin’ in St. Barths

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

There is no such thing as a bad beach on St. Barths. It is just a fact. The island is spoiled with 14 beaches – each more beautiful than he next. They all have their own personality – some reserved while others are more boisterous – which make for a unique experience at each location. Here is my take on a few places where I got to enjoy some sunnin’ and funnin’ when I visited recently.

Colombier Beach

Colombier Sun Setting

Accessible only by foot and boat, Colombier is an isolated beach that promises stunning views. The path to the beach was a 30-minute treacherous hike through heavily wooded areas where stones and logs make up the rather steep steps. My old Reef flip-flops that no longer bore tread were no match for this rugged path. As a result, I spent most of the trip down on my butt – missing some of those alleged captivating views. When my feet finally hit the sand, I couldn’t help but notice that Colombier was decidedly calmer than other beaches with very few other people on the beach. (Apparently, everyone else got the memo about that hellacious path and stayed away.) As beautiful as it was I am not sure I would go back, but if you like steep routes where you could feasibly fall off a mountain, by all means check it out. Otherwise, I would rent a boat or sit this one out.

Gouverneur Beach

Gouverneur Beach

There is a good reason Gouverneur is one of the most highly regarded beaches on the island. Still undeveloped, it is the peek of perfection with powdery white sand and deep aqua blue water. Popular for its good looks and secluded location, it has also become a favorite among sunbathers who are looking to avoid the suntan lines (if you know what I mean). It is the quintessential Caribbean beach and its inexplicable natural beauty was the perfect muse for an amateur photographer looking to snap a few choice photos for this here site. The quietness draws you into a retrospective state, and it is easy to find peace just laying there reading and listening to music.

St. Jean Beach

St Jean Airplane

Perhaps I have just listened to too much Jimmy Buffett, but when I think of paradise I imagine basking in the sun and wasting away with a fruity island drink from some little beach shack. St. Jean Beach offers all of that and so much more. Easily the most well rounded beach, St. Jean has an infectious energy and a slew of activities that make it anything but dull. For me, nothing was better than hanging out at the bar at Tom’s Beach sipping on piña coladas while watching the planes come in and out of Saint Barthélemy Airport. As tempting as it is to just sit there, St. Jean is an excellent beach for exploration and the paddleboards for rent are a great way to get around. Just be sure to avoid the coral that is plentiful around this area – unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

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