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Thursday Tips: Don’t Be a Slave to the Tourist Sites

All too often vacation just becomes one giant checklist. Perhaps it is the fear of missing out (FOMO), but people seem to just

run around checking off all the “must see” sites instead of stopping and really taking in the experience of being in a new place. All my best memories of traveling are when I spent time getting to know locals or did things that were truly authentic to the location.

For example, on my most recent trip to Paris, I barely recall my time at Notre Dame, as we practically ran through it as we raced against the clock to finish before it closed. But I do remember sitting at the café and drinking espresso and having the most delicious cheese plate of my life. I remember the night when we went to a lounge and shared laughs and drinks with locals.

It is easy to get caught up in trying to see all the sites, but so often when you leave it feels like a shallow experience where you didn’t really see anything at all. Next time you travel put away the trip guides, and allow yourself to get lost for a little while and really soak up the culture around you.

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