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Thursday Tip: Trust the Experts!

A trend is brewing in San Francisco: At places like The Burritt Room, you tell the bartender your gen

eral drink preferences in terms of alcohol, mixers and level of sweetness and he or she makes you a cocktail fit to your specifications, but with their knowledge and expertise of what will work well together built into the process. Although personalized drink making is a specialty in some bars, don’t be afraid to ask any bartender for a recommendation or to make you their own favorite drink. Bartenders can help you discover new favorites or think outside the box if you are stuck in a cocktail rut. With the variety of flavored alcohol, unique mixers and creative garnishes, you are bound to find a few new options to break up the monotony of having a signature cocktail. Kick that traditional vodka soda or margarita to the curb for the rest of the summer and vow to let the experts mix it up!

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