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Thursday Tip: Sick and Solo Travel

Last week’s tip was all about how fabulous traveling solo can be. And that is still true, but there is always an exception to the rule, and in this case it is getting sick.

On my recent trip to Paris I got food poisoning, which is never a treat but presents a whole new set of challenges when

you are alone. As I lay in my tiny Parisian hotel room completely incapacitated and sure that death was right around the corner I couldn’t help but think, “I probably could have been a little more prepared.”

In all my haste and last minute planning, I had traveled to Paris completely ill equipped to deal with this type of situation. Hopefully, you don’t get sick when traveling, but here are a few things to mitigate the risk and what to do if the worst happens.

  1. Prevention – I got sick from eating beef tartare, which naturally led my mother to believe that I had mad cow disease. While France is not a third world country, and I had no reason to be concerned I might choose foods that are a little more innocuous next time around. Also, when traveling you usually do not get enough sleep and eat and drink too much (or at least that is how I travel). Be sure to get enough rest and a healthy dose of water.

  2. Prepare – In retrospect I probably should have had a few first aid items packed with me. Believe it or not there are actually people out there who sell these little traveling kits that include medicine and Band-Aids. Oh yeah, they are called First Aid Kits. Get one!

  3. Ask For Help – When I was finally able to move again I decided it was probably best to go to the pharmacy. I was a little nervous about how I would communicate my ailments with my lackluster French skills. The good thing is that rubbing your stomach is pretty universal for stomach ache. The pharmacist was able to infer what I was saying and got me the medicine I needed.

What are your tips for staying well when traveling?

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