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Oktoberfest 1.0

In life, there are those trips that you sometimes feel the need to take. For some people, it is about getting in touch with their past, or their roots. The trip I needed to take didn’t have anything to do with either of those. I needed to go to Oktoberfest. Everyone has their version of mecca, and mine is Munich where I can enjoy beer in giant German Steins.

So, I decided to get my priorities straight, and make my pilgrimage to the Bavarian

city this year. While I am not German (although according to an enlightening Wikipedia entry some of my family’s origins can be traced back there) I do appreciate their commitment to seemingly year-around festivals to celebrate…well just to celebrate anything really.

In accordance with tradition, and because I am all for making a mockery of oneself, I plan to get myself a dirndl and dress up in the traditional Bavarian wear. In my search for costumes, I learned that women have such diverse options as “sexy beer maid” or “frisky Fräulein.”

With such big decisions at hand, I plan to document my planning and trip to Munich. So, stay tuned for important updates on my training for Oktoberfest and upcoming dance lessons to learn the polka.

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