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Mad for Macarons

My name is Jenna and I am an addict.

I am hopelessly and completely obsessed with Parisian macarons. It all started during my most recent trip to Paris in

Amazing, life changing Parisian Macarons

December when I purchased some from a little bakery in Montmartre. I figured they would be good, but not stop in my tracks and eat the entire package good.

So, really how bad is this addiction?

Well let’s just say I have spent a ridiculous amount of time researching places and have been cavorting all over San Francisco sampling macarons. I am so committed to this research that I am willing to sacrifice my waistline for it (really a small sacrifice).

Parisian macarons (not to be confused with coconut macaroons) are said to have been invented by Ladurée, a famous French sweet shop, at the beginning of the 20th Century. It claims that it sells in the ballpark of 12,000 macarons each day.

These small, round cookies have a delicate and crisp meringue outside and a soft inside. Typically, the cookies are filled with a jam or ganache. These airy cookies with its gooey center are melt in your mouth good. The first time you try one the experience can only be described in one clichéd word – heavenly.

Assortment of Macarons from Chantal Guillon

My latest find in San Francisco was Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley. The shop specializes in macarons and offers a plethora of flavors. I wanted a good sampling, so I ordered a dozen, which ran me $19.35 with tax (this could be an expensive habit). The winners were the salted caramel, cherry and the espresso coffee, while the lavender left much to be desired. For my palate it was too floral tasting.

As excited as I was about these cookies, the texture just wasn’t quite there. They were very dense and lacked that lightness of the macarons in Paris. That said, there are many great flavors, and I think these will tide me over until my next trip to France.

Do you have a favorite macaron place in San Francisco?

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