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Cocktail Commentary: The Volcano Bowl

Not every occasion calls for a tropical drink, but for those that do, why not go big? Tropical drinks are a great way to channel an instant grativacation, especially in a group. There is just something that makes you feel slightly more relaxed when enjoying a drink made with the juice of an exotic fruit or when a little umbrella or plastic mermaid accompanies your beverage, especially if you are in a group.

So why not try a volcano bowl? A volcano bowl transports you away from the daily grind by the presentation of the beverage in a mini replica of a volcano, the inclusion of a shot of Bacardi 151 or some other high proof liquor that has been lit on fire, and of course as the “bowl” implies, lots and lots of alcohol. If the volcano bowl maker is doing it right, you will also get a few adorable plastic figurines and enough very long straws for each of the imbibers (you usually need to prove that more than one person will be drinking said bowl) to help further the experience that you really are drinking something out of the ordinary.

When we need a tropical fix on the foggiest of San Francisco days, we turn to Bamboo Hut in North Beach. With a great happy hour that lasts until 8 p.m. most nights, not only do you get a big drink, but you get it for a great price. For only 12 dollars, you and your closest friends get a deliciously blended, pineapple-rum concoction that makes a large Jamba Juice look like a shot glass. It is so cold, watch out for brain freezes, but the ambiance of the Hut adds to the experience as you sit under the perfectly kitschy tiki masks and surfboard paraphernalia.

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