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Cocktail Commentary: The Sin Number Six at Ame Restaurant

Everything looks fancier in a champagne glass, and I like that with the narrow opening, the drink mostly stays inside the glass until I deliberately choose to move it. But the champagne glass looks like it holds such a small quantity and when I find a really good drink that is served in a champagne glass, I always wish it came in something a little bigger. Like maybe a wine glass. Or a pint glass.

Ame Bar St. Regis Cocktail

The Sin Number Six at Ame Restaurant within the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco is one of those drinks. A blend of Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber, basil, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake, the light green drink looks beautiful in the champagne glass, but it is so delicious, I wanted there to be a lot more, even if it impacted the presentation. While there are a lot of gin drinks that blend cucumber, basil and lime the addition of the sparkling sake and the use of Hendrick’s provides unique elements that make the combination really distinct and worthy of a much larger glass.

Ame provides a lot of interesting cocktails and if you have something to celebrate, you could try what is listed as “The World’s Greatest Martini,” a $125 mixture ofNolet’s Reserve Gin, Sutton Cellars Dry Vermouthand Bitter Truth Orange Bitters. If you need someone to help you sample it and determine if it is worth it, we are happy to lend our services.

Bonus: Ordering the parmesan garlic fries is a must, and are the perfect savory and salty compliment to the Sin Number Six.

Double bonus: Ame provides high-quality crunchies, so you can get your salty fix on the lighter side!Ame Restaurant 689 Mission Street  San Francisco, CA 94105-4126(415) 284-4040

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