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Cocktail Commentary: The Moscow Beret at Reed & Greenough

I know we have said it before (here, for instance), but cocktails are becoming so complicated. Sometimes for the better, but sometimes they just take a long time to make, by which point you don’t even remember what you ordered.

But we found a great drink at Reed & Greenough in the Marina, and while it is much more interesting than our typical vodka soda, certainly isn’t complicated or one that takes a long time to make.

Reed & Greenough

With Reed & Greenough offering a focused yet creative cocktail list, we zeroed in on the Moscow Beret, as it was the only vodka-based drink on the menu. The drink is a blend of vodka, simple syrup, and balsamic vinegar muddled with raspberries and topped off with ginger soda. The most unexpected component is the balsamic, but it is just enough so it doesn’t feel like you are drinking a sparkling fruit juice and you have our word it doesn’t taste like a salad. The vinegar provides a great balance to the sweet ingredients and made it hard to try any other concoction, even with some other very creative options. While we did end up trying the Pisco Brûlée, that was actually bruleed, there was just something about the Moscow Beret that we couldn’t resist.

Although the bartender said it started as a seasonal drink, it has been so popular, they have kept it on the menu even after the official raspberry season ended. Lucky for us, we are in San Francisco where we have almost year-round access to most fruit, so hopefully what would have been our favorite summer drink, can be our favorite always drink.

But go soon just in case the raspberries finally fly south for winter.  

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