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Cocktail Commentary: The Bella Fragolla at Rickhouse

More and more cocktail venues that specialize in “artisanal cocktails” are popping up all over this fine city, and while they make very delicious, creative, organic drinks, this is a very time consuming endeavor. I can’t provide statistics on how long the average drink now takes to make (although Jenna can attest to the accuracy of statistics I make up on the spot), but suffice it to say, sitting at one of these fine establishments is somewhat of a commitment. Even for slow drinkers, it can take longer to have a drink order placed and fulfilled than it actually takes to consume said drink. And sometimes all you want is a beer, but other, more refined drinkers are ordering quite complicated beverages, leaving the bartender very little time to tend to your needs. But is it all worth it?

Sometimes, yes. Case in point, the Bella Fragolla at Rickhouse on Kearny Street is a great drink that is worth the time it takes to make it. There have been many times that we simply had to pass the place up due to crowds, but after finally testing it out, it was well worth it. The drink of choice was the Bella Fragolla, a refreshing mix of vodka, seasonal, local berries, lemon juice, basil and sparkling soda. It looked just like pink lemonade, but tasted even better. Definitely a perfect summer or bachelorette party drinks.

But as the bar filled up, we knew it would be some time before we were able to get our Bella Fragolla, so we parted ways and headed for a less crowded, albeit less delicious, alternative watering hole.

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