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Cocktail Commentary: Peach Pimm’s at Zero Zero

Alcohol that is predominantly known for one cocktail is okay in my book! I may not be the biggest fan of Kahlua, mostly used for white or black Russians, or vermouth, notable for its part in a martini, but I do love Pimm’s, best known stateside for being the star player in the Pimm’s Cup.

But a Pimm’s Cup isn’t a drink you can get everywhere. Traditionally an English drink, the Pimm’s Cup is a mix of Pimm’s No. 1 and lemonade or ginger ale, and it is just now getting a fair amount of attention in San Francisco, mostly because San Francisco is pioneering the trend towards uppity drink consumption and the resurrection of classic cocktails. With uppity drinks comes a better stocked bar not only when it comes to liquor, but also to drink ingredients,

like the cucumbers necessary for a Pimm’s Cup.

Since San Francisco is such a fan of the meticulously crafted cocktail, I am luckily able to enjoy Pimm’s Cup at least occasionally. But as the Pimm’s Cup is still somewhat of a rarity, there usually aren’t many places that have taken the step beyond the traditional preparation.

So imagine my excitement when I saw a Peach Pimm’s at Zero Zero. Containing Pimm’s No. 1, cucumber, lemon, mint and peach soda, it was a very refreshing and even more summery twist on the original. It was even a great compliment to the pizza! Not that this was surprising, all the drinks we tried at Zero Zero were delicious and came out surprisingly quickly.

Now that my eyes and taste buds have been opened to a wider world of Pimm’s Cup twists, I’m looking for the next version of the classic. Any suggestions?

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