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Cocktail Commentary: Lawrenceburg Swizzle at Rye

Updated: May 2, 2021

Growing up in Florida we would look for any relief from the heat that we could get, and on those especially warm days I remember going to this little shack in the Home Depot parking lot that served the most amazing snow cones. I always got the wedding cake flavor, which was basically cream and sugar over crushed ice.

Some things never change. I still like snow cones, but only today, I prefer them with a special ingredient – alcohol.  Thankfully, Rye in San Francisco, is bridging the gap between children’s treats and adult libations with its Lawrenceburg Swizzle.

Made with Wild Turkey 81, lemon, mint, maple syrup, Creole bitters drizzled over crushed ice with mint garnish — this cocktail seems like something straight out of the South. I can almost imagine sitting on the front porch in the hot sun in a seersucker dress while sipping on this drink.

It is extremely palatable and the fresh lemon and mint make it a refreshing cocktail that goes down easy – almost too easy. I was a little apprehensive about the maple syrup, but it is a welcome addition to the drink and cuts through the harshness of the whiskey without making the drink overly sweet.

The Lawrenceburg Swizzle has a youthful playfulness about it that makes you feel young, but also reminds you what is so fun about being an adult.

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