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Cocktail Commentary: Jalisco Cobbler at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room

As one of our friends used to say, going to the Starlight Room is like going to the hottest club in Cleveland circa 1996. And with the recent remodel, we can safely say the Starlight feels like the hottest club in Cleveland in 2001.  But we say that with love! It is one of our favorite places

The very delicious and sophisticated Jalisco Cobbler

in San Francisco, and the only place where we are willing to pay a cover, which means we must really be committed!

Even better than the modernized décor is the updated drink menu! We can certainly appreciate a themed menu, and Starlight is one of the few places that delivers not just a theme, but a story. Following the recent trend of cocktail bars featuring famous drinks from the past, Starlight provides an interesting perspective with a full menu highlighting different and important eras in drinking. That’s a story we can relate to!

With such a big menu, it can be hard to make a choice, but the Jalisco Cobbler was an immediate hit. So much so, I didn’t feel compelled to try anything else. Tequila, black pepper syrup and lime are muddled with strawberries, making what amounted to the most sophisticated strawberry margarita I have ever tasted. And surprisingly it didn’t even take that long to order or make! I spent more time choosing a drink than waiting for it, which is definitely a welcome change from most of the higher end cocktail establishments around Union Square. We’ll definitely be back, especially with the new happy hour (featuring fried mac and cheese!). Look for us there, enjoying the Jalisco Cobblers.

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