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Cocktail Commentary: Grand Café

Updated: May 2, 2021

I suffer from decision fatigue. After making choices all day long, the thought of having to make anymore after work is enough to send me over the edge. As a result, I often try things that might not ordinarily be of interest just because someone else is choosing it for me.

Like on a recent trip to the Grand Café. We had come for the two glasses of sparkling wine and the pile of French fries for just $10, but quickly made the decision to switch to cocktails. Unwilling to make a decision, I asked the bartender for her recommendation.

At her suggestion I went with the 1620, a mixture of Plymouth gin, Nonino amaro, plum/thyme shrub and aromatic bitters. I am actually not that big of a fan of gin, but I didn’t have any better ideas, so I thought what they hey?!

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a very good cocktail commentary if it turned out that I hated the drink. I was surprised and delighted when I took the first sip. The cocktail had a very herbal quality about it from the Nonino amaro and the house made plum/thyme shrub (a method for preserving fruit). It was a refined drink with many levels of flavors that showed me I could enjoy gin.

This refreshing cocktail is one of the best drinks I never would have chosen for myself. In this case my apathy for decision making really paid off!

UPDATE: This establishment has since closed.


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