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Cocktail Commentary: Chupitos at Tacolicious

It’s always good to share – especially when it comes to drinks. It’s also good to try new things – again, especially when it comes to drinks. At Tacolicious you can do both if you order the Chupitos: tall shot glass-sized drinks that you can get in sets of four, eight or 12, picking one flavor for each set of four. So if you are feeling especially adventerou

s you can get 12 shot glasses full of three different drinks, which is perfect if you are in a group, and all want to try a bit of everything. Even if it’s just two people, you can easily work through a set of eight between the two of you over chips and guacamole and then you each get to pick a flavor and see who has the better taste!

We tried the Tickle Me Telmo and the Pasion. The Tickle Me Telmo is a blend of tequila, agave nectar, lime and orange and a great sweet balance to salty chips and salsa. The Pasion is a spicy (almost adventurously so) mix of habanero tequila, passion fruit and lime. A great spin on a traditional margarita.

 Because they are so cute – they are a great conversation starter, so be prepared to answer questions and make recommendations based on your favorites!

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