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San Francisco is often called a “saloon city” because in its early days as part of the Gold Rush, people liked to drink. A lot. And to cater to these thirsty gold-seekers, countless bars, speakeasies and saloons opened to give the people what they wanted: Drinks and more drinks!

The tradition continues today. Throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, you can find any number of bars dedicated to the art of creating cocktails. Sometimes the “mixologists” are as important to a restaurant as the chef. There are bars throughout San Francisco that specialize in old-fashioned cocktails, modern cocktails and futuristic cocktails; whiskey, tequila and rum. Even outside of cocktails, there are a number of breweries crafting locally produced beer and wine bars offering wine from both near and far.

With such a vast array of beverage options, it can be difficult to navigate the plethora of options. Which ones can’t you miss? Which ones should you stay far, far away from? Which ones are a great deal? Which are great brunch drinks? How to pick a nightcap?

Each week, look for our recommendations, warnings and tips as we experience the best that this “saloon city” has to offer. When our travels let us try artfully crafted drinks outside of San Francisco, we’ll let you know about those, too. We are always open to suggestions, so let us know which cocktail specialties are on your can’t miss list!

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