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Bonjour from Paris!

Coming to Paris has been a dream for as long as I can remember. At an early age I became completely wrapped up in the romance of it all.

As I grew a little older and entered my deep, thoughtful adolescent years, I likened it to the place where all the great minds and artists congregated. So, as a creative person I desperately wanted to go there so I could feel connected to that. (I was hoping the proximity to greatness might rub off a little.)

Here I am some after nearly 16 hours on a plane getting ready to finally see Paris. I plan to hang out with the hippies at the late Jim Morrison’s grave, sip coffee at the cafes where Sarte use to write and just generally drink my fair share of champagne. I may even embarrass myself and try and speak a little French.

Hoping to write while I am traveling, so check back often!


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