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15 Things I Learned About Paris

Yesterday, I made the 400+ mile trek from Paris to Munich via the Eurail. As I prepare for Oktoberfest l thought I would share the high points in Paris and what I learned along the way.

1. Co-ed bathrooms that men and women share at the same time are the norm. 2. The whole Gérard Depardieu plane fiasco has been put in perspective. Apparently, public urination is an accepted practice in Paris. Men just stop anytime, anywhere and take care of their business. 3. Bars don’t close…ever. We discovered this the first night in Paris when we strolled back to our hotel at 8 a.m. 4. French men really are that charming. 5. People do walk around with baguettes hanging out of their purses and backpacks. 6. Scarves are worn with everything, and they have a variety of ways to style them. I even learned a new knot from a kind lady at a store. 7. Every time you get into a car in Paris you are taking your life into your hands. There aren’t always lanes and people don’t even stop for car accidents. 8. Be prepared to gain a few pounds on your new all carb diet. 9. Everyone smokes in Paris. 10. Don’t try to take pictures of McDonald’s – you will get yelled at. 11. Street signs are not obvious so GPS is useless. You are going to get lost. 12. Paris is kind of like Seattle….it rains at least once a day. 13. Volcano bowls are universal. 14. A good time for locals is as simple as getting a six pack and sitting under one of the historical bridges over the Seine. 15. The Metro is worth the adventure. It can be a bit confusing at first, but after getting lost a couple times you will pick it up.


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